Thursday, October 25, 2007

Alright, so I was taking a nap in the middle of the day last week when I woke up DRENCHED in sweat!!! I quickly realized that my A/C wasn't working (I live in South Florida, it was 90+ degrees outside), as I walked through the house, I realized that ALL the electricity was out. I opened the front door to find a slip from the electric company that they have shut off my power for a late payment of $103!!!! I remembered that last month the bill was $433 (yes, for one month) and that I had paid $330. to LCEC (Lee County Electric Co) and that I had figured I'd pay the rest with the next bill. WRONG!!!!! Apparently it doesn't work that way! When I called the electric company and asked why the person placing the slip on my door didn't knock and tell me what was happening,the person on the other end of the phone kindly explained that it wasn't their job. I had no cash on me and very little in the bank, so I opted to do the only thing that I could..........withdraw what I did have in the bank and knowingly allow a check to bounce. It was either that or go without power until payday (Friday). I paid the bill and shut off the main line, so that the electric company could turn the power back on. As I dripped sweat and cursed the electric company AND myself for allowing this to happen.........I realized that my son would be home from school soon, what in the world would I tell him? He came in the house and promptly told me I was crazy for not paying the entire bill when it was due, silly mommy, I wanted to feed him that week. Oh well, when he ranted and raved about "Now what am I supposed to do?!?!?!" - there was no tv or video games, a horrible thought for a 10 year old. I pulled out a board game and we sat near the open front door for light and air, we played Trivial Pursuit Jr and he won. Just as the game was over and we were cleaning up, the electric company pulled up to turn our power back on........we jumped up and down, yelling "Hurray" and when the power was back on, my son looked at me and asked, "Hey Mom, You wanna play again?"

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