Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband.......

This song was my first real taste of country music and it quickly became "our song".
I come from the school of "everything happens for a reason" and just because you may not know the reason NOW, it doesn't mean someone else doesn't know what He is doing.......I'm so glad the good Lord was looking out for me so many years ago......I love you,, tomorrow, always..........

My son is afraid of cats.....

This evening I was kicking back watching "Dancing With The Stars" and my 13 year old, defensive lineman, 190lb. son, said that he was going for a "walk".  I knew what that meant.  He wanted to talk to his girlfriend
over the phone and have privacy, too.  Hmmmm........Well, OK....."just don't be out too long, Sweetie - its pretty dark out there".  Off he went.  It was literally only minutes later that he came bolting into the house, snowed here this morning, so I knew it wasn't the temperature outside.  He was obviously stressed, but I didn't pry....he quickly announced, "It was a cat!  A black cat!  It looked right into my face and then it CHASED me!!  I was so freaked out!".......WHAT?!?!?!  LOL!  I have to say, I'm a little stunned!  But it bares a resemblance to a similar story with my oldest son, Anthony, now 24 years old.  When he was about the same age as Adam, he was laying on my mother's bed, playing video games in her room, when her cat jumped up on the bed.  It scared Anthony so frightfully, he jumped through the wall above her bed!  All over a CAT!!!  My sons.......they never cease to make me giggle!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Are you for real, honey?!?!

Happy Birthday, Honey!  Time to start preparing for your party.  Let me dust and vacuum.  Done.  Now its time to straighten our bedroom and make the bed.  While making the bed, my back went into spasms.  Just one of my long list of ailments.  You watched me writhe on the floor in pain, then told me to slow down.  Knowing my intense need to "get it all done" and have it all "perfect" for all our family and friends, you chose to ignore me.  When I mentioned I could use a little help to get it all done, I WAS almost done, you ignored me.  Now tell me, now that its in black and white, do you see why I was a little upset?!?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Work with me, Doc!

Yesterday, my 13 year old claimed "I feel like crap!" before going to school on Friday.  After his older brothers and sister, I don't quite trust such claims.  I sent him off to school.  Upon arriving home, he promptly dropped his bag at the door and climbed into my bed.  He was definitely warm to the touch.  GULP!!  He asked for McDonald's to which I promptly complied ~ it went uneaten for hours while he slept.  I gave him Ibuprofen every 6 hours and he still felt warm.  When we woke up, I decided it was probably best to see the Doc.  (He has a history of asthma and we are having a house full of company for his Dad's birthday tomorrow).  Being that he's 13, the doctors tend to trust him as an accurate historian.  NOT!  Let me explain....NURSE:  "Adam, do you have a headache, sore throat, cough?", ADAM:  "No!", MOM:  "Adam, she doesn't mean this second, she means, 'since your symptoms started'".  ADAM:  "Oh"........ I should also mention that he wanted to go to a friend's birthday party this evening.  The doctor examined him, no wheezing, no ear infection, no strep throat....his diagnosis?  A sinus infection.  Antibiotics were prescribed and I said to the doctor, "Sooooo, guess the birthday party is out of the question, right, Doc?!?!  *wink, wink*.  The doctors reply?  "Well, he isn't contagious, but he should probably get some rest".  Grrrr!!!

I pumped him with two doses of antibiotic before the party and let him go, largely because he acted FINE after his doctor visit and the doctor didn't have my back.......

I know, I definitely was too passive with my 13 year old......but he's a good student, straight A's in "Academically Gifted" classes and he's just starting to find his social life and if he wasn't contagious, I didn't want to disappoint him, but I was hoping the doctor would.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that INDEED he wasn't contagious and I'm going to sleep tonight hoping I'll do better tomorrow.


Damsel in Distress

ROFLMAO!!!! Any mom with kids and a husband that just doesn't get it, this is for you....

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Service Call

Its 11pm on a Friday night and my daughter called me to tell me about her night at work.  It was 8:30p and Sears Outlet was getting ready to close for the day, when a very ornery "old man" came in and raised quite a ruckus.  He was very upset that his refrigerator was broken and couldn't get the Sears Service Department to cooperate to his satisfaction.  She explained to this man that she was sorry, there wasn't anything that she could do for him tonight and that the store was closing.  He asked her to come home with him.  As she told me this, all sorts of thoughts are running through my head......all the things that I've taught her and this isn't one of them.  Mind you, my daughter is the Sales Lead and under her leadership, the store has become the #1 store in the region, part of her success is based on her willingness to go above and beyond......this was WAY ABOVE and WAY BEYOND, in my opinion.  She went, ALONE, against everything I have in me.  She tried to do something with his refrigerator and couldn't.  He showed her his son, sleeping on the sofa.  His son, Marty Sheets, is 58 years old and has Down Syndrome.  Marty has participated in the Special Olympics since its first World Games.  There is a room in this man's house dedicated to his son's trophies and even a copy of a painting of Eunice Shriver with Marty in it.  Brittany shared the story of her brother, Robert, who also has Down Syndrome and also competes in the Special Olympics.  Brittany shared some very sweet moments with this man.  When it was all said and done, she called me to share her experience........Thank you, Brittany for making my bad day better ~ I love you!  (Just don't do that again!!!!)  xoxoxo

The painting of Eunice Shriver with Marty Sheets and other Special Olympians

Marty Sheets and his dad, David

Robert, with my husband, John