Friday, March 4, 2011

The Service Call

Its 11pm on a Friday night and my daughter called me to tell me about her night at work.  It was 8:30p and Sears Outlet was getting ready to close for the day, when a very ornery "old man" came in and raised quite a ruckus.  He was very upset that his refrigerator was broken and couldn't get the Sears Service Department to cooperate to his satisfaction.  She explained to this man that she was sorry, there wasn't anything that she could do for him tonight and that the store was closing.  He asked her to come home with him.  As she told me this, all sorts of thoughts are running through my head......all the things that I've taught her and this isn't one of them.  Mind you, my daughter is the Sales Lead and under her leadership, the store has become the #1 store in the region, part of her success is based on her willingness to go above and beyond......this was WAY ABOVE and WAY BEYOND, in my opinion.  She went, ALONE, against everything I have in me.  She tried to do something with his refrigerator and couldn't.  He showed her his son, sleeping on the sofa.  His son, Marty Sheets, is 58 years old and has Down Syndrome.  Marty has participated in the Special Olympics since its first World Games.  There is a room in this man's house dedicated to his son's trophies and even a copy of a painting of Eunice Shriver with Marty in it.  Brittany shared the story of her brother, Robert, who also has Down Syndrome and also competes in the Special Olympics.  Brittany shared some very sweet moments with this man.  When it was all said and done, she called me to share her experience........Thank you, Brittany for making my bad day better ~ I love you!  (Just don't do that again!!!!)  xoxoxo

The painting of Eunice Shriver with Marty Sheets and other Special Olympians

Marty Sheets and his dad, David

Robert, with my husband, John

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