Monday, March 28, 2011

My son is afraid of cats.....

This evening I was kicking back watching "Dancing With The Stars" and my 13 year old, defensive lineman, 190lb. son, said that he was going for a "walk".  I knew what that meant.  He wanted to talk to his girlfriend
over the phone and have privacy, too.  Hmmmm........Well, OK....."just don't be out too long, Sweetie - its pretty dark out there".  Off he went.  It was literally only minutes later that he came bolting into the house, snowed here this morning, so I knew it wasn't the temperature outside.  He was obviously stressed, but I didn't pry....he quickly announced, "It was a cat!  A black cat!  It looked right into my face and then it CHASED me!!  I was so freaked out!".......WHAT?!?!?!  LOL!  I have to say, I'm a little stunned!  But it bares a resemblance to a similar story with my oldest son, Anthony, now 24 years old.  When he was about the same age as Adam, he was laying on my mother's bed, playing video games in her room, when her cat jumped up on the bed.  It scared Anthony so frightfully, he jumped through the wall above her bed!  All over a CAT!!!  My sons.......they never cease to make me giggle!

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