Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Born Every Minute on Lifetime

I was so looking forward to the premiere of this television show on Lifetime.  As a mom of 5 older children, I'm a sap for these childbirth stories.....The show showcases several birth stories that take place at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  I was particularly struck by one couple who decided to go the "natural" route and they presented a lengthy birth plan to the nurses with all their DOs and DONTs.  At first I was quite impressed by their level of dedication to creating the perfect birth for their baby.  I, too, had a clear idea with the type of birth that I wanted for my last child.  I have to say that I turned on this couple rather quickly, especially the Daddy.  After having a lengthy labor with no progression, they continued to insist on proceeding "naturally", preferring to take a shower, rather than take the advice of their labor and delivery nurse to ease the discomfort and pain of labor and they also refused all fetal monitoring.  In fact, whenever the nurse suggested anything, the Daddy treated her as though she was "the enemy", or less than human.  It wasn't until their midwife told them that she suggested Pitocin and fetal monitoring that they relented.  Their beautiful baby girl was born only a short time later. I give that nurse ALOT of credit for maintaining a level of professionalism throughout her entire shift with this couple.  I really hope when that couple sees their birthing story played out on television, they realize just how harsh they were and they send a letter of apology and perhaps a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the nurses at Riverside Methodist Hospital.  (Perhaps they should also take this suggestion:  when and if you decide to have a second child, please consider a home birth OR a birthing center, rather than the hospital.)

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