Monday, August 20, 2007

The First Day of School

I hope everyone had a great day today, moms, dads and kids, too!!! It's been a long one for me..........woke up at 4:45a, got Robert's things together, made his lunch and then got him together, he left at 6:05a without his stroller, he climbed the stairs, but fell asleep on the bus, so the teacher carried him in to school. Brittany left at 6:45a for Ida Baker HS, less than 2 miles from our house, which means no I drove her, when I got home, I got Adam together, his lunch made, etc and started to wait for his bus at about came after 8:05a.............of course there wasn't any answer at the transportation office, no matter which line I pressed. In fact, I left a message stating that I was questioning the bus stop, times and route number, when the bus was 20 minutes late........surprise,'s now 5:03p and NO RETURN PHONE CALL!!!! Once Adam got on the bus, John and I dropped Robert's many supplies off at his school (pediasure, diapers, etc).........he was sleeping quite comfortably when we arrived. I woke him up for sure, our tax dollars are not paying for teachers to clean classrooms while children sleep. There were only 2 kids in the class at that time because of late time to get some real time in with the, BOTH children were out cold when we arrived. I also found out that the infamous "Ralph" who is quite vocal here in Lee County, has a grandson in Robert's class. Then it was off to take John to work..........................All this by 9am!!!!! I was so looking forward to my "break" didn't happen! LOL! It seemed as though as soon as they were all gone, the dismissal process now Anthony and Robert are sleeping, Brittany is school shopping for some items she couldn't find on the first time around and Adam is watching tv. We've got cookies in the oven........I know, it's dinner hour, but John won't be home until 7p, so it will be a late dinner tonight. I'm hoping to get a little peace and quiet before bed, which after dinner and all my homework (form after form after form to fill out and sign), probably won't be until 12a...................then off to bed to start it all over again tomorrow..............when is our first school vacation?!?!?!?! LOL!

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