Sunday, April 4, 2010


We recently relocated to Greensboro, NC and we are adjusting finally to the area! Still so much to see and learn. Adam is registered for 7th grade at Northeast Guilford Middle School, he starts tomorrow and once he gets situated, Brittany and I will begin the quest to locate her a college she'll be comfortable with. There are so many to choose from in this area. John and I are adjusting to being a married couple again. For those that don't know, we carried on a long distance marriage for 6 weeks, with me in Cape Coral, FL and John here in Greensboro, NC. John is so happy to be employed and he is loving his job, despite the long hours and low pay. I am passing the time as a housewife, for now. Some of my health issues have seemed to stabilize with me taking it easy and not succumbing to so much stress. I suspect that that too will come to and end as I seek to join the workforce again. But for now, I'm enjoying every minute of it!

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